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Simultaneous user viewing/editing with notifications

Simultaneous user viewing/editing with notifications

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One thing my team really misses from Dropbox is the notification they would get if they opened a document someone else already had open and was editing. 

Especially as we all need to work on the same document as deadlines approach this feature would be really useful.

If I have Egnyte open in my browser sometimes it shows me a document locked for editing - but when accessing Egnyte through finder (most of us are on Mac) we don't get any notifications. Deconflicted all of our "conflicted copy from ...." really kills us when we're trying to meet deadlines. Half the time we go back to sending things through email - which we were trying to avoid!

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
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@Kathryn Lettko - Which Egnyte desktop application are you using - the Egnyte Connect Desktop App or Desktop Sync? Also, which are the file types you are working with most often?