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Standard Users

Standard Users

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Originally from ticket #100700.


I am wondering it if is possible to create a standard user account where multiple users can have the same login information. When I create a standard user I see it needs to be associated with an e-mail address, and then they are prompted to create their own login information after using the info I've sent them. For our business purposes we need more than one person to have access via the same login information to simplify things. Is there any way of setting this up?

Also, can a standard user download files from the shared folder, or must they be a power user to be able to download?

Thank you for your time.


Hi Gwylan,

Thanks for posting your question.  We recommend creating individual standard users for each of your business partners to ensure tighter control of confidential files.

Standard Users can be given the same access privileges as Power Users, including the ability to download files from Shared folders. You can also send file and folder linksto your business partners if you want to share files without providing Standard User access.

Jerome Paquot


In the Office Plan, how is it possible to get more Business Partner licenses (Standard users)? Is it possible to buy it? At this time the number is limited to the number of Employee Licenses, previously it was unlimited... We really need to have more access for business partner! 

Bill Zwiren

Can a standard user add files or only download and access ?


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Bill,

Any user can add files to your Egnyte instance if they have the 'write' permissions on the necessary folders. You might want to look at the following link for know more about sharing via folder permissions : -

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.