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Storage Sync Rescan Alerts

Storage Sync Rescan Alerts

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Would it be possible to setup an email alert when a rescan occurs on a Storage Sync appliance?  I have the folder properties set on the cloud to only allow admins and owners to move or delete folders.  The parent folder is quite large (Storage Sync at about 6 TB).  When a user moves one folder into another by mistake, this triggers a rescan followed by the upload of the moved folder to its new location in the cloud.  All current syncs then become backlogged by this.  Some configurable email alerts like this would be great.  Maybe even one that you can set with data amount threshold.  For instance if more than 10 GB moves at one time, etc...

Thank you.

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Erik,

Thank you for writing to us. 

This certainly sounds like an interesting suggestion. Although currently there are no such settings within the Storage Sync app or the UI I will definitely pass on your suggestion to our Product Team to gather feedback. 

I will write back once I hear from them. 



Employee Ed Tseng1
Status changed to: Declined

Thanks for the feedback Erik. 

The way we want to handle your requests might differ from what you're specifically looking for.  For starters, we want to limit the amount of triggers to send the sync into rescan mode - the goal is to have Storage Sync handle these type of activities without going into rescan. 

You can also set the larger folders with a fixed folder option to prevent users inadvertantly moving the folder.  And last if the rescan sync is triggered, we have the ability to run syncs with a multi-pipe technology so that the syncs will prevent files from being synced due to a backlog.  Hope this helps.