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Store search queries as filters, principle of dynamic folders

Store search queries as filters, principle of dynamic folders

It would be helpfull that certain search queries (including using the metadata) can be saved as a filter or even as a bookmark following the existing web UI.

The idea behind it is twofold;

1. Users are often using the same type of search, have the search result as shortcut would save lots of time.

2. We store lots of documents that become outdated and needs to be replaced by a new version. Some extra logic should be added to the date parameters; e.g. last X days or week(s). This way we can have a "dynamic" search result that shows those documents that become due.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback @Sven Cornelis1.  As a partial solution, one thing that you can do today is after you run a search you can bookmark the page in the browser.  The search query is included in the URL, so clicking it when you're logged in will rerun the same search.

As for enhancing the search criteria, we'll look into that.


I would like to add us to this request as a +1.