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Support Revit Central Files and data workflows within the Egnyte Sync Apps

Support Revit Central Files and data workflows within the Egnyte Sync Apps

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Autodesk Revit have a great feature that allows to work simultaneously in one file over a LAN. It would be truly helpful if your sync protocols and apps support this Revit Feature.

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Status changed to: Considering

@Yaniel Llerena Padilla  Happy to inform that we are working on a light-weight Revit plugin that allows you to host Revit Central Files on Egnyte cloud and enable multiple Revit users to synchronize against this central model (including element-level lock management). We are currently in the beta phase for this plugin and have shared the prototype with few other customers who have expressed interest. Would you like to participate in the beta program and test-drive the prototype?


Hi, those are great news. I would like to be part of the beta program. This would be a killer feature on our main workflow. Let me know what I need to do. 

Status changed to: Delivered

We have started a beta program for Revit synchronization with Egnyte. More details posted on this community page.


Any updates on this plug in ?


hi Jackossa,

 We have shared the Revit beta plugin with many customers and have made updates along the way.  Can you please fill out and submit this form. That way, I can directly connect with you and share the details around the plugin.