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Sync files but not sub-folders

Sync files but not sub-folders

I cannot sync the files in a folder unless all the sub-folders of that folder are also selected to sync. 

I need to selectively sync any number of sub-folders AND/OR files in a folder without having to sync all of them.

Thank you

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hello Charlie,

You are right. The Desktop Sync application or as a matter of fact any flavor of our sync application does not allow syncing of the loose files unless the parent folder within which these files lie is selected for syncing. This behavior is by product design. 

You can selectively sync any number of sub-folders by drilling down the folder structure in the configure folders tab. However, only the files which like within the selected folder will be considered for syncing. 

We do not have this feature as of now. But I can certainly check with the product team and see if there are any plans of introducing any new feature that will enable you to sync up the loose files but not the folders/sub-folders.



Charlie Rocking

Yes, please do check with your product team about this. It is not a new one. There are other requests and community posts about this. I found 3 just on a quick search:

Sync files but not subfolders

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True Selective Folder Sync


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee


Thank you for the reference requests. I have sent this over to the product team for review & consideration. 



Hamish Macleod

There are lots of comments about syncing sub-folders and here is a different perspective.


There is an annoying shortcoming in Egnyte. 


  • If I create a new folder in file manager on my desktop it will not sync to Egnyte if the top level folder is not selected
  • Many of our users do NOT want to select the top level folder (typically a folder for a particular customer) to sync as there are many sub folders that have very large video folders or test data from our customers that we do not want to sync to our desktops.  These client sub folders can have Gb's of files and the account manager does not need this information, only the delivery team need it (who typically have desktop PCs with plenty of storage vs sales people with laptops).
  • With Egnyte, we get this very annoying situation where the ONLY way to sync a new folder created on the desktop is to select the whole top level folder
  • Why don't you add the ability to see these sub folders greyed out in Egnyte cloud that have been created on the desktop and then we can select the new folder to sync to the cloud
  • Currently it is a complete hassle having to upload the folder from the desktop to the Egnyte cloud and is a reason NOT to use Egnyte for records management.  If you are not sure of what is involved and how much hassle it is I am happy to show anyone from Egnyte
  • Another option would be for the user to be able to right mouse click on the folder in file manager and see an Egnyte option to add just the sub-folder to Egnyte cloud for sync, instead of having to go in to cloud and upload the folder (very cumbersome process and time wasting).

Records management should be easiser than how Egnyte forces us to use it by always having to sync the entire top level folder and ALL the sub-folders.


Can someone please come back to me and discuss this or refer this to product management as a recommendation for a feature enhancement.  It seems to be a longstanding shortcoming and needs to be sorted in our opinion.

Employee Tri Hoang

Hi @Hamish Macleod,

Thanks for the feedback. It seems like you is using Desktop Sync. If it is true then I strongly suggest you to switch to the Desktop App

  • In the Desktop App, users do not need to select folders to sync in order to access/see them on their computers. The Desktop App gives users the view of the all folders that they have access to without taking any diskspace. So, you no longer need to do that workaround of uploading to Egnyte Cloud (WebUI) to sync with Desktop Sync.
  • Users can always choose folders to sync for offline access. They only need to do that if they expect bad or no internet connection.
  • I also want to point out that in the Desktop App, you still cannot choose to sync folders without syncing its subfolders. This has to do with the way we implement our sync engine. I understand your points and we will continue looking into improving the syncing experience.

Let me know if you have any further questions!



Retired Employee JulieMullins
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Employee Tri Hoang
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