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TRASH - Better location coordination

TRASH - Better location coordination

Currently the trash is set up as one big folder with everything trashed, which is hard to use. Improvements that better coordinate with file location would be helpful. Here are a few ideas from the web UI side:

  • Autopopulate or provide a location drop down for the Original Location field in the search dialog.
  • Provide a trash link in each folder or when a folder is selected provide a "View Deleted Items" link in the sidebar that will provide a view of only the items that were deleted within that folder.
  • Provide better sorting of the trash by original location. This could be by allowing folders to be selected for view, a tree view, or some other means of organizing deleted files by location.

I second this. I've been using Veeam Backup & Replication to back up the entire virtual appliance largely to avoid having to wade through the Trash when someone accidentally deletes or messes up a folder.

Turns out Veeam may be causing other issues and I'm going to stop using it, but that leaves me with having to deal with the Trash mess.

Thanks for suggesting this.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

This is well needed its a nightmare finding stuff in there, manually inputting the path to a folder is not really a great user experience


You're also fairly limited to your sorting options

Really like the suggestions above