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True Desktop Search on Egnyte Connect

True Desktop Search on Egnyte Connect

Is there a way to bring true desktop search to Egnyte Connect? 

I know you have added search to the Egnyte Connect desktop app, but the functionality is really limited (e.g, can't limit search to specific folder like you can on the web, filetype, etc.), and you can't see any info whatsoever other than the folder path. It is also quite slow.

I recognize that files in the cloud are not indexed by the OS. But - even it if only searched the files that I have synced, that would be huge - we'd effectively be getting back the search function we had with Desktop Sync.

I am specifically referring to Mac OSX, but I imagine Windows users might like this feature back.

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Status changed to: Considering

Hi @Kim Hubbeling,

Thanks for the idea. While we do have plans to add folder filter and metadata search to the current search, we can do further R&D to see if we can support Spotlight search in MacOS without sacrifing the performance.

Dear Kim

Thanks for sharing your idea, I also have been thinking about the same for years.

Since Google stopped their great desktop search in 2011, I have been testing several alternatives, but none of them worked really well, especially there were issues on indexing the local synced cloud files.


Since Google owns some shares of Egnyte, it would cool, if Google could support Egnyte on building an inbuilt true desktop search for the local synced cloud files, as Google designers also helped Egnyte on some design features in the past when Google Venture entered Egnyte.

The key question would be, were to store the indexing file and how to set parameter for indexing?


I suggest, that that such a desk top function should be built in to the DESKTOP APP and the settings should be in the app tool (activate, start & stop indexing, select patch to be indexed, select files to be indexed, etc.)

Then it would be cool, to have a simple short cut for an Egnyte desktop search window, to enter the search request like with filters like on a Google desktop search.


Anyway, before considering such a desktop search onteh Desktop App I would appreciate, that the Desktop App should have the minimum features available, what are already long time standard at the obsolete Desktop sync tool



Good Citizen

Great suggestion!  Very much needed! Ken


Support this suggestion!

Has received several requests from our users about this. After the end of Desktop Sync, we lost an important function we had in the past.


Pretty much needed!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, all! 

I wanted to update all of you on recent changes we've made to search functionality. Please note that making your content easier to find is something the team is continuously working on, so these only represent the latest updates. 

A few of the enhancements made to search include: 

  • Custom Date Picker - If you know a file was uploaded within a specific time frame, you can search using the Uploaded Time filter to narrow your results by specifying a date range or choosing from a list of suggested time frames.
  • Metadata Search - If you have metadata set up in Egnyte's Web UI or with an API, you can utilize metadata as a search criteria. Simply select the three dots next to the search bar to enable metadata filters.

For a full look at the changes, you can read our helpdesk article here. We'll strive to update you of any future enhancements that may arise. Thanks!