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Turn Off Activity In This Folder Sidebar

Turn Off Activity In This Folder Sidebar

We would like the ability to turn off the "activity in this folder" side bar for selective folders.  This feature often draws attention to file activity and provides previews to files that some of our users prefer not be seen.  An example would be a global admin simply clicking on the top folder of all private folders and seeing activity going on for all users in their private folders.  Although the admin could definitely go into those folders with their elevated access and read files, that activity would be logged whereas the side bar provides a preview of some content without logging who is viewing it.  

Employee AaronFroberg

Hi @Schalon Newton

Quick question, if the VCs all have access to the same data room and files wouldn't they be able to inspect the file comments regardless of them being shown in the activity side bar?  Is creating a different folder for each VC in the data room with specific permissions a viable option for you?  

This is obviously an important topic for me as I was the original poster prior to joining Egnyte.  


Schalon Newton

This issue is not specifically the sidebar, it is exactly what you state, anyone with access to the folder/file will see the comments.  Confidentialty regarding who is accessing the data room is of paramount importance in a financing/acquisition.

Data rooms are not static.  Documents are added as the financing process proceeds.  It would not be unusual to have 7-10 (or more) firms looking at the company.  You are suggesting that 7-10 folders would need to be updated concurrently everytime a document is added or changed.  This is not viable from a workload perspective and it creates a situation where you could lose track of what is actually in the data room, (acutally you are creating the case where there are multiple data rooms) not to mention that it increases your storage requreiments by a factor of 7-10.

All of the other data room firms have solved this issue, so hopefully Egnyte can as well.  


Juan Vallejo


Any new updates in regards to this matter? We are using egnyte to share information with our investors and we definetaly don´t want them to see what has been going on in their folders; only the content.


Schalon Newton

I was not able to get a commitment from Egnyte on when this issue might be resolved.  It is somewhat concerning that it even took some discussion for the staff to understand why this is an issue.  In the end I contracted with Sharefile to implement a data room for my financing.  I love Egnyte and it is excellent for my daily business managment needs; however, it remains significantly deficient as a vehicle for supporting interaction with third parties.  


Fortunately it was not hard to upload files into ShareFile; however, it is an administrative challenge to maintain the integrity of the files between Egnyte and Sharefile.  Definitely not an ideal scenario, but until Egnyte solves this issue there is no other option.