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Upload Web Links to File Folders

Upload Web Links to File Folders

We use Egnyte for a full repository of all information related to our clients.  Often times that includes www links that are important.  Instead of having to have a word document that has a bunch of links in it, it would be great if we could just "upload" a link to a file folder just like I would any other type of document.


Most web browsers allow you to drag the current address to your desktop to create a shortcut.  These shortcuts often have a .url extension.  If you upload these files to Egnyte, when a user clicks on them to download the browser ask the user if they want to open or save the file.  Opening the file will open the URL in the user's default browser.

Brian Katzman1

I have tried the above work around and it is very messy and by no means easy.  On a Mac, when clicking on the URL shortcut, I am asked if I want to download the file instead of just being taken to the web page.  Could be much easier.

In addition, a great feature for Egnyte would be to add a Chrome Extension that allows you to "Clip" a URL and immediately add it to one of your Egnyte folders.


Hi Brian, Thanks again for your comments highlighting this requested feature. 

Eli Blankers

Any update on this?  "Thanks again for your comments highlighting this requested feature" from 2012 makes me wonder.

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hello Eli,

A lot of time has passed since this request was raised. Would you mind letting me know about your use case ? I want to see if there has been any other feature we release which can help your work flow.



Why wouldn't you create an HTML file with the links in it and save it in a shared folder. Anyone with desktop sync can have a shortcut on their desktop to access the file which opens a local html page with the links formatted and arranged in a way that makes sense for your organization. It can be edited pretty easily in windows explorer or whatever platform you have and the changes would be "global" since everyone is using a "shortcut" instead of a URL.

Links are "links", but you can also have links that will make certain sites open with a particular browser if you feel inclines or have some issues with certain sites working better with one over the other too...

Eli Blankers

Hi Anthony,


this isn't quite what we're talking about here.  We want someone, in the Egnyte UI, to be able to click on a file in a shared folder, and be directly navigated to the link specified in the file.

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Eli,

Sadly, I do not see this feature on Egnyte yet. I am not sure if this is even possible with the way Egnyte UI functions. I will check with the Product Team and let you know on how Egnyte would be looking at this feature. 



Right. Egnyte is a file system and not an intranet portal (think Sharepoint). I think you are asking for something that might be helpful but not as simple as you think because the logical "next step" in the basic URL holder is to create a whole tree (categories, rights, separators) and then it becomes a whole new feature in the roadmap with options instead of something you originally intended and whether that fits in with their core product.

One extra click to open the file in the viewer is what you are trying to avoid here by asking for it. i understand. I was simply offering another way for you to do this without waiting for their roadmap to include it. Good luck!

We've tried using text files, comments on text files, descriptions for folders, webloc files, url files, and (as Anthony suggested) and HTML file... nothing works. It is not part of Egnyte's functionality, even though it is a cloud-based platform.

Our work-around for our teams to share research and other web-based links is to create a Google Sheet in the Egnyte folder and to build the links within the Google environment. Takes a little more organization, but also gives a chance to add more context than a link file with a descriptive file name.

Alternatively, interestingly enough, save the file as a PDF and the link works!