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User Permission Report

User Permission Report

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The "User Permission Report" should present access directory with authorization level for each selected users (individually or with "All Power Users") even if this autorization is not assigned directly, but via a group.


USER_ABC is part of group USERGROUP_01

USERGROUP_01 has access to directory DIRECTORY_001 (Read/Write)

USER_XYZ has direct access to directory DIRECTORY_001 (Read/Write/Delete)

The report executed for "ALL Power User" should also show that USER_ABC has access to directory DIRECTORY_001 (Read/Write)

Even better, we could see if the access is Direct, or via which group...

USER..................VIA GROUP.........................FOLDER.................................PERMISSION

User_ABC           Usergroup_01                   DIRECTORY_001                    Read/Write

User_XYZ           -                                         DIRECTORY_001                    Read/Write/Delete


Retired Employee Emily Ganz1
Retired Employee

Hi Thierry,

We recognize this is an issue and are working to fix it soon. I will keep you updated on a specific time. Thank you and please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions!



Hello! I was wondering if this has now been addressed? 


Hi Carolyn,

No, this has never been address.


Patrick Henry

This has not been fixed yet.  If you run a permissions report for a user, it does not take groups into account.  It will not show me that the user had access to a folder if that user has access to it via being given permission as part of a group.

Please fix this soon as it is a little deceiving that a report is not complete. 

This is important! The report is misleading without it, and leads to security holes. What is the status on fixing it?



Patrick Henry

Emily? Have we been abandoned?  What is the status?  Why is such a flaw not being fixed? If it is a major code change on your part and it will take another 6 months, at least tell us that.

Patrick and All,

This is on our priority list of issues to address at the earliest. Please be assured that we are working on this issue and will get back to you with a timeline soon.



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Joe Roddy

Is there an estimated time for this resolution yet?

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
Status changed to: New
Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

We don't have plans to have a user permissions report for a group to resolve permissions set at the user level for users who belong to those groups, but you can now use the Folder Permissions report (released last year) on /Shared to get all permissions for the whole account and then filter on user type if you need to get permissions for all Power Users or Standard Users.