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Windows File Explorer Icon for Shared Files

Windows File Explorer Icon for Shared Files

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We have 10 users opperating on the same set of folders. All have permission to share a folder externally, which we want. However, we have concerns of User1 creating a shared folder, but User2 having no indication that the folder has been shared and dropping a file that should not be shared into the folder. All of our users access the files by the Desktop Sync app and using the Windows File Explorer. If you could create a icon for the folder that indicates it has been shared that would be extremely useful. The icon could be similar to the sync status icons. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @Matt P.  It'd be great to hear whether others in the community have interest in this.

There are a few challenges with this (beyond the technical ones):

- Having multiple icons on a file/folder may be confusing and hard to decipher

- Often people share public links even internally within a company.  It's not the best thing to do since there are more secure alternatives, but we know that sometimes people take the easy route.  Since these links are typically copied, we wouldn't know if links were truly shared externally or not.