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Writing comments on folder

Writing comments on folder


our users are asking for the possibility to have discussions on folders.

Currently you can only write comments on files. We have the need for writing comments to folders and so have an active discussion on a folder level.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

We haven't had any plans for this since the request hasn't come up to often - I'm curious to hear whether others in the community have interest in this.


+1 We would be interested in this feature. I just trained the whole company on how to use Comments for a file, and people frequently asked if the same could be done for a folder.

Largely, the ask is related to discussing what types of files go in that folder, or to redirect people to another folder if something is commonly misfiled. Adding information like "cross-references" or where to find related files would also be something that could be discussed in the Comments if it were available at the file level. Right now there is no way to direct people somewhere else except to add a file, name it "Cross-reference" or do some other old-school filing way of pointing people to another location for related files.



Same here, we would take advantage of it. Our use case would be "hey, I just dumped a bunch of stuff you should look at in this folder". 





+1 on the folder, or the ability to bulk comment on multiple items inside a folder.

My company would really like this feature as well! We would like to add a comment to a folder to flag specific people to review all contents in that folder. Currently, we would have to click on every file individually within that folder, and add that comment into the file. Adding the feature to add comments to a folder level would greatly help with our workflow. 


We would love this added. 


Agree. Ours would be along the lines of "This order is due 2-2-2020 in Boulder" and of course, all of the files within would be pertaining to the order as a whole.

You could, of course, go into the file, search for the order form, open it and look at the due date, but just posting a comment on the file folder would make that also super easy!