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desktop sync and locking files

desktop sync and locking files

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Hi, I'm currently not seeing a way to lock files through the desktop sync client. I see a lot of value adding this feature as from time to time, we want to prevent other users getting in and updating the document while someone else is editing. Yes, it does create versions and we can recover work that way, but it's still cumbersome and much easier to just simply lock the file from being edited. If the locking feature from the egnyte web can somehow sync to desktop sync clients too, and also able to lock files from desktop sync file explorer to sync to cloud, this can prevent users from editing files.

I am also aware that if the file is lock, it won't sync and will have an error, but once it's unlocked, then those changes will get synced which is what we're wanting to prevent. 

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Employee Tri Hoang
Status changed to: Declined

Hi @Josh Leung,

Please check out the Egnyte Connect Desktop App, which will support global file locking. The Desktop App will automatically lock a file after 5 seconds since opening. Like mention, you can always "View in cloud" to see the file in the Web UI and manually lock a file there.