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dowloads of data by leaving employees

dowloads of data by leaving employees

i was wondering if there was any way to set  an alert that monitors all users dowload activty (say by looking at the number files dowloaded in a usual time period , eg 1 week) and to get an alert of that user sudenly dowloads a lot more?  just looking at a way to get a heads up if a person is in the mind of leaving starts dowloading files to "borrow" when they leave

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Patrick,

You can schedule file audit reports to be run on a weekly basis and have the reports archived for future use from the Egnyte Web Interface. 

Unfortunately, there are no such alerts on Egnyte that will notify you about the files being downloaded on a large scale. However, you can turn on Notifications from under your Profile. 

Login =>. My Profile => My Preferences => Preferences => Receive folder notifications emails => for all folders => when ites are downloaded or previewed. 

If you do the above, you will get notifications when the above set of actions are performed by the users on your Egnyte Domain. 

Hope that helps. 



Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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This is available via Egnyte Protect.