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granular search capabilities

granular search capabilities

I am finding the Egnyte Search interface to be far too simplistic to be useful.  I would like to request an advanced search form that lets users add multiple search terms, essentially building up a query with and/or logic.  Here are some search terms that I would like to see:

  •  filename contains
  • filename ends with
  • text contents contains (phrase or words)
  • date before/after/range
  • File size larger/smaller
  • search in specific location
  • NOT - e.g. name does not contain, file size not less than a given amount

It seems clear that Egnyte is certainly capable of such granular searching - it's just a question of building an interface that allows these searches to be defined.

Below is a screenshot that illustrates these capabilities in use by the Mac search application HoudahSpot.  That app is an exellent replacement for the built-in Spotlight search interface.  Search terms, such as those given above, can be added and removed as lines (e.g. name contains, text content, etc).  In this example I added quite a few terms, and even some NOT terms.

egnyte granular search request - houdahspot example.png

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @John Feinberg1.  When we added search filters we favored simplicity that would be usable by both technical and non-technical users, but I understand what you're looking for.  

We're considering bringing some of this capability to our "advanced search" view that is currently only accessible for custom metadata fields, but which we can potentially expand to other fields.  

We are very interested in this advanced search feature as well!

Honorable Citizen

Absolutely. Advanced Search features would be extremely helpful for our oragnization.

Love it! Search manipulation is my superpower but, I can use a power up.