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group membership export

group membership export

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Originally from ticket #97128.

Can I please request a report or excel export option for group membership?

The user list has an export to excel, but it is meaningless without the corresponding group membership.

Hi Ted,

We currently do not have this feature and we thank you for the feedback. Your suggestions are very important to us and allows us to improve our products and services. We will pass your idea along to our Product Team and will be considered in future releases.

To submit your suggestions directly to our Product Team in the future, please use the link below. The Community Discussions allows other Egnyte users to vote and comment on your idea.

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Hi Ted, I spoke with our Product Team.  My understanding is you're requesting to have a column on the user export spreadsheet that shows which group a user belongs to?   Although it isn't on our immediate roadmap, we logged your request into our system for potential future enhancement.

What we do have coming is a group import/export spreadsheet that will allow you to see which users are in each group and modify group membership.