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Originally from ticket #96511.

We use Egnyte to send out video and audio files to broadcast news outlets. We send the same video clip in 4 different broadcast formats and the end user can download the format that works for their broadcast.

The delivery of the video clip is time sensitive so we want the notification sent as soon as the video clip is uploaded. We would like to have only one notification sent for all four files. I have not been able to make this happen with the current notification options. Can you suggest a way that this can be done?


Hi Paul,

We currently do not have this feature and we thank you for the feedback. Your suggestions are very important to us and allows us to improve our products and services.

To submit your suggestions directly to our Product Team in the future, please use the link below. The Community Discussions allows other Egnyte users to vote and comment on your idea.

The response was timely but does not address

a situation that more then one user has commented on. The level of control over

notifications is very limited. It can look like spam to the end client. I am

hopeful this will be addressed. There is no indication in the support response

as to if or when this is going to be addressed. Hopefully sooner then later.

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Hi Paul, our product team is aware of this request and we've been actively considering it for inclusion into our product roadmap.  We're still balancing a number of other large improvements requested by customers, so it's being prioritized against these requests. 

Best, Chris

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We don't have plans for automated notifications like this, but it would be possible to do with our public API if this is an automated process - it could initiate the uploads and then send out an email once all are completed