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Egnyte + TetraScience: the ultimate solution for storing, sharing, and searching scientific data

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partnership_blog_tetrascience.pngEgnyte has partnered with TetraScience to create an integration designed  for the life sciences. The Egnyte integration with TetraScience automatically moves files into the TetraScience data lake, making them available to downstream data targets like ELNs, LIMS, and data visualization tools. Egnyte files are parsed and validated, which enhances their searchability. The integration also enables alerts for when data is missing. Together, these technologies provide pharma and biotech firms with the ability to leverage their data and support future discoveries.

Case Study

Tango Therapeutics, a Cambridge-based biotech organization that discovers and develops novel cancer therapies, leverages the TetraScience Data Integration Engine, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and augmented by Egnyte, to help manage, standardize, and centralize their data.



Like many modern biotechs, Tango leverages a semi-virtual research model: some of their research is performed in-house while other research is performed by Contract Research Organizations (CROs). The company’s target discovery platform generates huge amounts of data, and Tango has to integrate it all so that the scientists can quickly find the files they need, and the informatics team can leverage analytical tools to query data.


Joe Kennedy, Associate Director of IT and Informatics at Tango, estimates he spends 2-4 hours each week manually handling CRO-generated data, a problem that will only scale and compound as Tango grows.



Enter TetraScience. Through its Data Integration Engine, built partially on AWS, Tango can have CRO-generated files automatically validated (catching any human errors), parsed, and moved into a data lake—with no human interaction. As these files are loaded into Egnyte, TetraScience’s pipelines look for new and updated file versions to kick off the centralization process.

Once in the data lake, TetraScience provides a simple search interface for scientists to locate their data by searching across various metadata chosen by Tango. For example, searches can include:

  • Which CRO?
  • Which compound?
  • When was this run?


Kennedy can also write his own script and code to ensure that Tango can pivot nimbly as it adopts new technologies, assays, and endpoints.    

AWS is a particular draw for companies like Tango:  “For our team, having the flexibility to learn and understand our technology needs on the fly is really appealing,” Kennedy said. “AWS and TetraScience have flattened the learning curve for us. We don’t have the in-house expertise of a devops engineer but working on AWS and working with partners like TetraScience and Egnyte, who leverage AWS, has allowed us to rollout technology that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”


Learn More

Visit the TetraScience - Egnyte partner page to learn more and contact TetraScience about integrating Egnyte with your scientific workflows.