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Egnyte for G Suite - Latest Integration

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Businesses need flexible tools to help employees stay productive no matter which apps they use. Egnyte and Google enable users quick, easy and secure collaboration with each other. Add advanced security and hybrid cloud capabilities to G Suite apps and content stored on-premises. Egnyte for G Suite is a new way for customers to use Google's rich content creation and editing experiences directly in Egnyte’s secure content platform to stay productive and most importantly, to collaborate.

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With Egnyte for G Suite, you can:

  • Collaborate in Docs, Sheets and Slides directly from Egnyte while maintaining Egnyte’s permissions for document control.
  • Automatically save and manage Docs, Sheets and Slides files in Egnyte, so that you can work with your favorite productivity tools and keep your content consolidated with Egnyte. And because G Suite retains support for multiple formats, you can also view and edit other document types.
  • Leverage the same security, compliance and governance controls applied to any other content stored in Egnyte. This ensures your content controls can be managed in one place.



Disclaimer: This integration will only work as a standalone Google integration (Google Drive needs to be disabled and old Google Docs created previously can't be opened in this version)

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