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Science Exchange and Egnyte Tackle Biotech’s Big Data

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Barrier to R&D Productivity: Tracking and Storing Data

Science Exchange, a leader in biotech and pharma companies are constantly challenged to increase R&D productivity, however, given the high costs and increasing complexity of drug discovery research, productivity has steadily decreased over the past decade.

One of the biggest productivity hurdles in life science research lies in excessive time spent on tracking and storing information. This is especially true for project files and study data obtained from contract research organizations (CROs), contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), and other outsourced R&D providers.

Why is life science research data so time-consuming to transfer, track, and store? 

Unlike other industries, pharmaceutical and biotech research data is:

  • Tightly regulated, requiring audit trails and proof of compliance, especially for protected health information
  • Heterogeneous and networked: Drug discovery data is generated by diverse processes, individuals, instruments, and geographies
  • Large: a single whole-genome sequencing data set can consume 80-90 terabytes

Accelerating R&D with Science Exchange and Egnyte 

Egnyte partnered with Science Exchange to help life sciences organizations accelerate R&D and bring new discoveries to market faster. With Egnyte and Science Exchange’s R&D Services Platform, all interactions with CROs and CMOs on Science Exchange is automatically captured and stored on the Egnyte platform. 

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how Science Exchange has integrated with Egnyte to solve challenges of data transfer and project tracking with CROs, CMOs, and other outsourced R&D providers.

For example, a researcher at an emerging biotech company may first use Science Exchange to order whole-genome sequencing services from a CRO, because it is faster and cheaper than maintaining sequencing capabilities in-house. The provider delivers a quote and statement of work to the researcher and uploads a PDF of sample results onto the Science Exchange order page for the project. The file is automatically added to the Egnyte folder that the researcher designated for the project. 

She accepts the quote, and because this CRO has been prequalified and contracted by Science Exchange, the project starts right away. In a few weeks, the data is ready and the provider uploads the summary of the results to the project page. Again, the files are automatically synchronized to the same Egnyte folder. 

If the researcher works with a different provider on Science Exchange to analyze a separate but related set of samples, the data can be automatically filed in the same Egnyte system to make finding information easy.

Benefits of integrating Egnyte with Science Exchange include: 

  • Reliable transfer of large data sets for faster R&D cycles 
  • Easier access control to mitigate security risks associated with external R&D
  • Automated record-keeping for external R&D projects, improving productivity and tracking provider performance

Request a demo for a 15-minute tour of the Science Exchange application and its integration with Egnyte.