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The Web UI - Thoughtfully Refined

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While the desktop and mobile apps have seen big growth in usage, the web UI is still the most popular way for users to access their content - and with good reason. Many administrators and users prefer accessing their content without having to install or configure an app. For others still, it lets them access their content from a personal or shared device.

So, when the decision was made to make some enhancements, we obviously needed to take care not to cause disruptions. The result is a cleaner, more productive user experience that still maintains the much-loved familiarity from before.WebUI History.png

For example, modern/updated fonts and colors help enhance readability and create contrasts that help your eyes navigate the screen in a more natural way.

The search function has also received some attention. 

Streamlined output

In the search function, the results have been rearranged to have more meaningful information prominently displayed. Plus, the new font lets us put more of that information in the results. It just goes to show you how a font choice can make a big difference.

Custom date pickerWebUI Search.png

Now you can get much more granular in your date filter. You can still select predefined timeframes like weeks and months, but now you can filter based on a custom range of dates. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a one-off presentation that a colleague created for an event that took place in early December of 2018. With the new UI, it’s easier to find - just narrow down the range from Novemver 1, 2018 - December 2, 2018 while still using the other search filters and metadata.

Even better news is that we’re in the process of rolling it out now and it will be seamless for you. There is nothing you need to do on your side.

But wait - there’s more! Coming soon, our preview function is going to get a lot better too. We will be adding support light mode and dark mode as well as adding advanced actions like renaming and moving a file during preview. WebUI Preview.png

Interested in being a beta customer? Let us know and we can put you on the list.