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Data backup frequency


Data backup frequency

Hi could someone please provide me with information about the frequency of data backup and detail about where backup is stored? We are already current customers but need this information asap thanks!

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Moderator bdawer

Re: Data backup frequency

Hi @NicoleNordlicht ,

Egnyte continually backs up all customer content. Egnyte is a cloud service that retains three copies of all customers' data. The primary is the "live" data that is leveraged day-to-day by customers. A second copy is retained within the same data center in case of a localized systems failure to quickly recover (High Availability). A third copy is stored in a separate data center at a geographically-resilient location in case of a larger site failure (Disaster Recovery/Redundancy).  Additional details about our DR Plan can be shared under NDA.  Please contact support at if you need that.  


Egnyte also has individual file version control built into the architecture to allow permissions based, self-service restores of individual files at any time. Trash and retention policies can also be configured to recover data that has been deleted.
Lastly, an Egnyte Storage Sync appliance can be deployed to one or more locations to have a local sync of content stored on-premises, giving some additional backup and recovery options.

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