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Deny permission for an individual user


Deny permission for an individual user


We have the following scenario:

A folder called "Finance"

2 Subfolders in Finance: "General Administration" and "Payroll"

A group called "Finance Users" is applied at the Finance folder level with "Full" permission

We often get a casual short-term contractor in the Finance dept to help with the workload in End-of-Month processing, but we don't want this person to be able to view the "Payroll" folder at all. 

It is not possible in Egnyte to add the casual user in "Payroll" folder and apply a Deny permission (like in NTFS). So we have to change the permissions in "Payroll" by removing the inherited "Finance Users" group, entering each member of Finance individually into the folder permissions list and leave out the casual user, which takes too much time to do.

Since individual user permission already takes precedence over group, why can't we simply add a Deny permission?

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Deny permission for an individual user

Hi @bazza,

Currently Egnyte treats removing a user permission to be as good as denying the user permissions to the folder. 

The user inherits the folder permissions due to the fact that he is part of the group which has Full permissions. So instead of removing the group from the 'Payroll' folder, you can simply assign this short-term contractor a user level permission. This mean he does not need to be a part of the "Finance Users" group.

You can simply assign this user explicit permissions on the folder you want him/her to access. 

Does that work for you ?



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Employee Erin Gracyalny

Re: Deny permission for an individual user



A recent web UI release has just allowed this capability to block a folder from inheriting the parent's permissions.