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Is Egnyte data validated?

Is Egnyte data validated?

My company uses Egnyte to store our data and would like to know:


Is Egnyte validated?


( A validated IT system means a very strictly controlled environment starting with the software development and includes the underlying infrastructure (servers, databases, data centers etc). All requirements have to be defined and approved before development, tested properly to ensure consistency and accuracy of the results produced by the IT system. During the operational phase of a validated system, standard and proper change control, incident and configuration management processes have to be established and followed. A validated IT system should have an audit trail, which can be extracted from the system, containing e.g. time stamp, identifier of the individual having changed the original record, justification for the change, printability of an audit trail. If your IT system is validated, please provide evidence e.g. your written validation plan and written validation report.  


If so could you please provide a written validation plan and written validation report?

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Moderator bdawer

Re: Is Egnyte data validated?

Hi @NicoleNordlicht 

I'm sorry for the late reply, but this is more of a question for Egnyte than a community question and I see that you have already submitted this question to our support team.  Please feel free to post any questions you may have for the Egnyte community here!  


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