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Large Banking Institutions are blocking Egnyte


Large Banking Institutions are blocking Egnyte

Hi when submitting password protected links of files to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Boeing Employees Credit Union among several others, they all email us back and say their system is blocking Egnyte.  

I cannot conduct business this way.   Getting someone from their IT departments to unblock Egnyte is, well, impossible.

How can this be avoided?   

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Retired Employee Nars_Support
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Re: Large Banking Institutions are blocking Egnyte

Hi @TimK 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We recommend working directly with our Security team at to possibly have our team work things out with the major financial institutions you mentioned.


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Re: Large Banking Institutions are blocking Egnyte

I've heard from others that using a custom URL (you can find a support article here on how to set that up and what tasks/costs are involved) for sharing may help work around these issues as most blocks are just done based on a DNS name. Past the technical issue, it may make sense for you to ask the recipients what methods are condoned or how you can share information with them as most have processes and excpetions, but they need to be file/requested in order for any IT group to modify its rules for accepting outside data into their org. 

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