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Delay in Uploaded File Appearing


Delay in Uploaded File Appearing

Frequently we will upload a file to a folder, it shows as 100% uploaded, but it does not appear in the folder tree.  I've tried reloading the folder, reloading Egnyte, but it still doesn't show.  Eventually it does, but this is very frustrating if we're trying to send a current file.

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Moderator Sagar

Re: Delay in Uploaded File Appearing

Hello @John Swearingen2,

Sorry to hear about your experience. 

Did you notice a pattern to this issue OR does it happen only to certain files ? I ask so that we can run some tests internally to see if we can reproduce this issue. Uploading files via the UI is the simplest and the most basic functionality and if there are any issues with it, we would want to look at this on priority.


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