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Egnyt Drive Mapping "Disappears"

Ivy Anglin

Re: Egnyt Drive Mapping "Disappears"

We experience this as well -- as recently as July 2019. I see that the issue has occurred for a couple of years but no apparant solution. Getting back the drive mapping is a pain.

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Re: Egnyt Drive Mapping "Disappears"

I also am having the same issue.   They are laptop users, windows 10.   Typically a reboot will solve the problem, but that is very inconvenient to do during working hours. 

Another work around is to find egnyte connect app, save a shortcut on the desktop.  Clicking on it will restore the connection and allow them to continue with their work.  

It happens once or twice a week.  Easier to live with it than to try and troubleshoot. 


New Egnyte user as of July 2019

Retired Employee Nars_Support
Retired Employee

Re: Egnyt Drive Mapping "Disappears"

Hi @Ivy Anglin and @McTighe 

Disappearing Desktop App Drives can have varying reasons, and could be as simple as having no valid (WAN) Network Connectivity at any given moment. Because of this, we do not consider this behavior to be related to one that was reported two years ago with the now defunct Egnyte Drive.

We strongly recommend reaching out to our Support team at to allow us to diagnose any network or product related issues in real time.


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