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Files unlocking before data changes sync

Duncan Fitzgera

Files unlocking before data changes sync

I've opended a case with support about this, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen it.

"User 1" opens a document from their Egnyte Drive, makes a change, saves, and immediatley closes the document.

"User 2" opens that same document (from Egnyte Drive) almost immediatley after "User 1" closed it (about 5 seconds after, but no more than approx. 30 seconds after), and is presented with a writable version of that document but without the changes "User 1" made.

We belive this is being caused by the lock/unlock command syncronizing faster than the data changes. 

We've tested this on the Windows and OSX version of the Egnyte Drive application, as well as with the newest and a couple older versions. We were use in Egnyte Turbo is a limited trial, but have diabled it enitrely now.

Has anyone else seen this? And if so, is there a way to prevent it from happening in the future?




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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Files unlocking before data changes sync

Hi @Duncan Fitzgera

Thank you for sharing in the community. While we wait for support's solution on this, we would also be interested in knowing if anyone else faced this problem and over came it in any fashion. 


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Brian Beaton

Re: Files unlocking before data changes sync

We saw this last week.

We have just started using the Desktop App in earnest with our AutCAD projects and last week one of our users opened a file that someone else had just changed and it was still the original version.

NOTE: Since we are using AutoCAD, we need to use the Sync Local option for the Drawings Folder, the XREF Folder and the C3D folder for each project (If the files in these folders are not actually on the machine, we get an error in autocad).

That second user started making their modifications on the original version of the file instead of the new version, and the problem was only discovered an hour later.

I have since discovered that the Desktop App syncs the entire file instead of Syncing the Delta (just the changes). This has resulted in 6 minute wait times for changes to sync out to other individuals when a file is large.

I think that the Sync process and the file locking process are currently two separated functions (the file unlock doesn't check a sync complete flag on the file).

QUESTION: If we install Turbo servers at our local offices, will the Turbo server sync deltas?

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Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee

Re: Files unlocking before data changes sync

@Brian Beaton - I believe the question was answered in another thread, but just to officially close the loop, yes the Turbo servers will sync deltas.


For the suggestion of a SyncInProgress flag, I'll move that part of the thread to the Ideas section so that suggestion will get in front of our products team and you can track progress should they need more info or decide to implement it.

- Julie

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