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Issues With Egnyte Drive


Issues With Egnyte Drive

Spreadsheets saved on Egnyte Drive do not open. The image file attached shows the error that pops up. 


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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Issues With Egnyte Drive

Hello @Arjun,

Thank you for writing to the community. 

I suspect this to be an issue with the file path. Microsoft Office imposes a 215 character limit on Office files. The quickest way to confirm this is to move 'DesignWorkbook_Stringinverter_Starkson.xlsx' to an uppper level folder than where it is and then try to open it. If it works then we can confirm it is the number of chracters in the folder path which is causing this issue. If the file still errors out, then I suggest you connect with our support team at

I hope this helps. 


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