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Minor Issues with Connect

Neil Blais

Minor Issues with Connect

Our firm is using Connect and have noticed a couple of minor issues.  Are these issues related to a setting that is not properly set, a bug, or other aspect of the software that we are misusing.  

Issue 1:  For some reason, a MS Access database that we have placed in Egnyte stopped allowing us to access the data.  It appears that when the database is open, there is a conflict with the .ldb that Microsoft creates and connect.  Either way, our database was corrupted.

Issue 2:  We understood that files would be locked when opened, preventing conflicts.  We have found that multiple people can have a file open at the same time, files can be moved while someone else has them opened, etc.  Is there a setting to prevent this?

Issue 3:  Many of our users are getting errors about permissions (even if they have full access), network failure, etc.  The errors are intermittent, and when clicked "OK" the user can then save and manipulate files withour subsequent error.

We love the system, and do not think these are critical issues, but we would prefer to understand why we are encountering them, and how we might resolve them.

Have these issues been encountered before?  

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Moderator bdawer

Re: Minor Issues with Connect

Hi @Neil Blais ,

To answer your questions:

1)  Access Database:  Uploading active database files is NOT supported e.g. Exchange, Quickbooks, SQL, Oracle or MS Access. Please see this article: Unsupported Characters and File types 

2) File locking:  A ticket with support should be opened when each event occurs so we can troubleshoot the issue.

3) Permission errors:  Again, we need to open a ticket with support for this.

I have taken the liberty of opening a support ticket for you.  Someone from our support team should be reaching out to you shortly.



Neil Blais

Re: Minor Issues with Connect

Thank you for the information.  I do find it curious that we used the MS Access database in Egnyte for over five years when we used the Desktop Sync.  The issue only started when we switched to Connect.  Please note that only two people in the firm have access to the database so there is not a whole lot of traffic.  We will remove the database from Egnyte, but it does reduce our ability to access the database when traveling.

I will send a message to my staff to have them screen capture error messages when they pop-up and I will post them here.  As I mentioned, it is irregular and it was only when I was working with a staff member that I saw the error message.

Thank you again for the ALWAYS quick response!  We love using Egnyte.

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