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New Desktop App Slow and buggy

Paea Radford

New Desktop App Slow and buggy

The new Desktop App seems to be slow and buggy. Anybody else experiencing any issues? I  miss Desktop Sync already. I synced a folder with subfolders and half the subfolders disappeared.  Fortunately they were empty. I created replacements and they disappeared too. Today i put files in them. Hopefully, they don't disappear. 

The user interface is not as easy as internet file explorer and having select files residing on your local computer.  Sync is slow and even opening a file can be slower than if the file resides on your desktop. I have 100MBPS speedtest so i know its not the internet although it could be caused by antivirus software.  

Requested help usually the team has been very responsive. This time I  was directed to make an appointment online for assistance, that was new, but reasonable. However, nobody ever contacted me for my appointment. 

Curious to know how the new implemenation is going company-wide. Thanks.

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Moderator bdawer

Re: New Desktop App Slow and buggy

Hi @Paea Radford 

I see you did speak to a support technician since this was posted.  Were they able to help resolve your issues?  I have escalated your experience to the Desktop app team so please continue to let us know your thoughts and if we were able to provide assistance.


Re: New Desktop App Slow and buggy


I fully agree with your views.

We also tested the Desktop App feature first and found, that we will not deploy this feature at our company, since there are still a lot of no-go bugs in it.

as I understand, Egnyte is already working on it...

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