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Notification of Groups - Deactivated Users

Notification of Groups - Deactivated Users

I have a group of most of my users and 40% of them are deactivated. I want to send a document link to all of the Activated members of this group. The questions is, will they even get the email notifying them? I tested it on 2 accounts (mine and a test one I use) and it did not go to the deactivated account but, since it is such a small test and before I send it to 100 people, I wanted to ask the question here. Just thought of a post script. Assuming they don't get notified in the present, once they are re-activated, will they get the notification?

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Retired Employee

Re: Notification of Groups - Deactivated Users

Hello @Peter_the_Gr8,

Thank you for writing to the community. 

I see you have tested this scenario yourself and simply need a confirmation on the notiifcations. The answer to your question is NO. All the while the users are de-activated, they do not get shared folder notifications. And after you activate them, they will only get the notifications from the present time. No back logged notifications are sent to the activated users. 

I hope this is what you were looking for. 


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