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Office Integration & Office Preview


Office Integration & Office Preview

I had a question concerning the office integration and preview capabilities stated in the webinar yesterday. 

It was mentioned that shared files could be previewed using Office Online in an upcoming update, but it has to be enabled as it is disabled by default.

If I share a link with someone that does not have an Egnyte account and I have Office Online Preview enabled, will the file automatically open in Office Online Preview?

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Office Integration & Office Preview

Hello @FFO,

Thank you writing to the community. It seems no one in the community has had this situation yet. 

The share links that you generate from Egnyte and send it across to your clients/contractor or any other recipient will always open in the web browser in the preview mode. 

I also personally tested this before writing to you. However, if there are any specific steps that you want to test using Office Online, I would be glad to test the scenario. 


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