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Opening .gdoc from Egnyte Connect

Mike Sysum

Opening .gdoc from Egnyte Connect

When trying to open a Google Doc from Egnyte COnnect on my laptop (or any user that has the Google Drive integration enabled) the browser redirect with follwoing error:

Integration with id: gdocs is not currently enabled. Please enable it from the Egnyte App Store.


Even though it is for sure enabled.


Anyone else had this?



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Retired Employee Nars_Support
Retired Employee

Re: Opening .gdoc from Egnyte Connect

Hi @Mike Sysum 

In https://<egnyte_domain> -- there is a checkbox option on the upper left hand corner that says:

[ ] Allowed For Users
[ ] Added For All Users

Please make sure that either [Egnyte for G Suite] or [Egnyte for Google Drive Legacy] are enabled. If either of them are enabled, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Disable and re-enable integration
2. Log in and log out of Egnyte WebUI
3. Attempt to create a NEW Google Docs file, then authenticate with a Google account when prompted

For Step 3, the Egnyte user account must have a matching Google user account (e.g. e-mail address) in order for the integration authentication to work.

Please feel free to contact our Support team at if you continue to experience any issues with Google Docs.


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Mike Sysum

Re: Opening .gdoc from Egnyte Connect

Thanks, but the integration from the web broswer works fine, it's when trying to open an google doc from the Egnyte Connect app (in finder on a mac) that is links to this error.

I'll log a ticket regardless, thanks.

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