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Power User not able to access Shared Folder


Power User not able to access Shared Folder

Hi there,

I finished my Egnyte free trial a month ago now. When I upgraded to the paid version it is denying my Power User access to the shared files.

I have checked and she is still registered as a Power User and has access on my end to all the shared files but on her end it is saying she can't. She can access her Private folder.

What is going wrong? On the free trial we had no problems with Shared Folder access.

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Power User not able to access Shared Folder

Hi @ridgydidge, sorry to hear about that!

My first thought is to make sure permissions were set up to ensure she can have access to that folder since sometimes this step is skipped during a trial. Here is a quick way to change a folder's permissions

But to take more thorough steps to ensure they're setup properly, there is a helpful Admin Configuration Guide in Egnyte University that walks you through onboarding. The section, "User Types and Roles" would be where you'd want to pay special attention.

Let me know if this is definitely not the problem in this case and we'll look at some other potential solutions.

- Julie

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