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SharePoint 0365 Collaboration - files locking


SharePoint 0365 Collaboration - files locking

When we try and use the SharePoint plugin for multi-person collaboration, the first person that access the file locks it which prevents others from collaborating on the document in real time. How do I prevent that?



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Re: SharePoint 0365 Collaboration - files locking

Hi @RZoolander,

Sorry you're having complications with this. It sounds like you're editing the file using Web Edit in Egnyte which locks the file rather than using the Office Online integration (which supports coauthoring).

The Sharepoint plugin (web part) is just an embedded Egnyte Web UI, so it still works exactly as if you were logged in directly to Egnyte, which is when you see the locked file.

A key thing to note is Egnyte does not support desktop co-authoring like Sharepoint does. We only support online (browser) co-authoring. 

Let me know if you have any questions on this or need clarification.

- Julie

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