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Tasks rethinking

Tasks rethinking

Hello everybody,

I wanted to give you an opinion on the tasks we can create around a file in Egnyte. It's a really tedious procedure that to create a task on a file you need to assign permissions to certain users on the folder that contains that file. This requires, if we have a folder with several documents on which different people must work (each one on its document), create different folders, transfer each file to its subfolder, share each subfolder and then assign the task ... This is really a waste of time.

Perhaps it would be interesting to rethink this aspect because the tasks in Egnyte are very attractive and useful, but this aspect means that users must also invest some time in structuring the information and assigning the corresponding permissions.

Also, it doesn't make much sense that, in order to assign a task, the web must necessarily show the document... If the task document is very heavy, this step is slow and unnecessary.

Thank you all!

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Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee

Re: Tasks rethinking

Welcome to the community, @Jose Manuel Val and thanks for sharing how you're using Egnyte and how we can improve. I made note of your suggestion in the Ideas board. 

Definitely let the community know how we can help for any future questions. 

- Julie

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