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"Work From Anywhere" Tip: Identify and Eliminate Distractions

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Community Manager
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Whether you're an old pro at working in unusual or remote locations or you're new to it, it can be useful to keep some good practices in mind to help be productive, secure and healthy.  With that in mind, we'll be sharing some tips from our own internal experts and from you, our Egnyte community members. 

Today's Work From Anywhere Tip: Figure out what distracts you and work to eliminate or minimize it. 

For some people, it's social media. For others, it might be Netflix, texting or the 24-hour news cycle. But when you work from home, figuring out exactly what is most likely to sap your productivity is the first step, and taking steps to minimize it comes next. That might mean taking social media apps off your phone, muting messaging apps, or even downloading apps or extensions that keep you steered on-task. 

There's another angle to consider, as well: is your workplace likely to distract your other teammates and professionals when you're in meetings? The first rule of any conference call should be to find your mute button. Beyond that, check out your surroundings and tweak accordingly to manage noise or other distractions that you may have tuned out by now, but your coworkers might find novel and attention-diverting. 

What's the biggest distraction for you when you're trying to work outside of the office? We'd love to hear about it in the comments or over on the Working From Anywhere discussion boards.

Image: Robert Chiaib, courtesy of Pixabay